Tenant Representation

A tenant will lease space only a few times during their business career, whereas a landlord leases space on a regular basis. To best serve your business get someone on your side who knows the process and can make sure your needs are met.

So what can a Tenant Representative do for you? Simply put, save you time and money. Leasing is often a complicated process, and instead of just focusing on lease rate and term, a successful Tenant Representative will be your overall real estate guide. Real estate is one of the largest expenses companies incur and one that should never be taken lightly. There is much more to leasing than rent payments. For example, tenant improvements are often a large component to any lease agreement. With multiple contractors, architects and designers involved, tenant improvements are a significant process that requires a professional to sort out. Your job is to run your business. Your Tenant Representative’s job is to take care of your real estate related issues.

As an added bonus, the tenant representative is only paid when you actually find and lease space, and payment typically comes from the landlord. So there is no cost to your business in have someone representing your interests and making sure you get everything you need.

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